Daughters of DAO

A social network of women embracing the evolution of blockchain

Empowering through education on emerging technologies to directly benefit our careers and communities.

Our Projects

CryptoSalon by DoD

Join the Daughters of DAO, and use the Crypto Salon as your space to safely & respectfully learn about crypto & blockchain, and how it will impact our lives.

Adoma Advisors

Want to skip the education and speak directly with a team for your professional FinTech needs? We've got decades of integrations & financial services experience.

City Store Collective

City Store Collective is a peer-to-peer food focused DAO solving today's most pressing issues, from farm to table, by harnessing the power of blockchain technologies.

DoD offers me the way to move forward into what I perceive as the wave of the future. It is a source of information I can trust as I reach for working connections with people who want equity for all. They are building a people’s economy.

— Annalee V.

Have you encountered a scammer in crypto?

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Privacy Project

Please use our referral code to purchase your Ledger products; we're fundraising for our Privacy Project and we're deeply grateful for your support.
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