Our Projects

Crypto Salon

The Crypto Salon hub is on our Patreon. Join us for workshops, meetups, and so much more!

Adoma Advisors

The financial arm of operations. Payments, crypto payments, Point of Sales, eCommerce & Web3 integrations, payroll & bookkeeping, Real Estate & Title transactions, and AdomdaDAO, a commodities and real estate club. 

City Store Collective

City Store Collective is a membership-based club, hosting peer-to-peer food preparation, wholesale & retail distribution, while utilizing various blockchain tech to innovate the spaces that nourish us. 

Our Services

Daughters of DAO

Membership to DoD, the social & business development network of Web3, for & by women. 


DoD can create a DAO for your unique concept. Start-finish build-outs, branding & eCommerce.


Donating 100% of proceeds to the victims of the Lahaina fire and the aftermath. This fund is fully owned and controlled by the citizens of Lahaina. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any physical locations?

We're everywhere! Send us a message and let's meet.

What problems are you solving?

DoD seeks to provide a safe & supporitve space for women to learn about “crypto”.

How much do I need to know about “crypto” to join DoD?

Nothing. Our members range from 15-75. You just need a computer & the desire to learn.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payment for DoD Crypto Salon Membership is handled through Patreon directly, and Merch through Printify, both in USD. DoD can also accept payment in various tokens for Creator-level memberships.

Have A Question We Missed?

Contact us today for answers to all your FinTech questions. 

Privacy Project

Please use our referral code to purchase your Ledger products; we're fundraising for our Privacy Project and are deeply grateful for your support.
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